Feel The Power.

"Bestselling Men’s Prestige Fragrance Globally" ~ Fragrance Hall of Fame 1996


Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche 3.4 oz

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The Drakkar Noir Man

The Drakkar Noir man symbolizes power, insolence, and passion.

Feel The Power.

A strong fragrance with a forceful mixture. Drakkar Noir has become a legend in scents for men and embodies sex appeal.

Masculine Scent

Drakkar Noir offers a masculine scent without being overpowering.


100% original and authentic.

Drakkar Noir ft. Neymar Jr.


Definately the oakmoss leather and lavender combo that's so typical of the 80's.

A powerhorse for sure.


Ok, if you wear this any where near me I will absolutely melt!!! It is like too seductive, you have no idea!


This product was the first, and there has still been no other like it. The spicy amalgamation of eugenol, clove, and cinnamon provides for more than simple aromatherapy... it energizes, it attracts.